Coaching for Kids 10-18 years old.

Squad programs are designed for children who have chosen tennis as their sport and want to get the most out of their ability. Practice sessions each week are strongly recommended as well as competition to develop maximum improvement.

We encourage all children who are participating in Squad Coaching to consider 1-3 private lessons during the term. This will ensure that their technique is maintained / improved. The intense work on specific weaknesses can rapidly improve the athlete’s game.

Players will further develop 1. TECHNIQUE WORK 2. DRILLS / TACTICS / STRATEGIES / SHOT SELECTION/ FITNESS 3. MATCH PLAY (e.g. Children play singles or doubles competitively each week).

  • 90 to 120 Minute lessons.
  • Maximum 6 students per group.
  • Play utilising full court.
  • Normal ball.
  • Please Call 0488 428 808 or E-mail – info@boomerstennis.com  for more information and bookings.