Red Ball

Red Ball

Coaching for Kids 4-7 years old.

Tennis is a game that encourages a wide array of skill sets which can easily cross over to other sports. There are so many advantages to playing tennis; running, catching, striking, 3-step movement patterns, aerobic, anaerobic, team building and the ability to play the sport for a lifetime.

This program is aimed at enhancing motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, balance, movement and spatial awareness.

Each lesson is full of games that incorporate tennis skills to ensure players are engaged and most importantly, having fun.

  • 30 Minute lessons.
  • Maximum 5 students per group.
  • Play utilising 1/2 (half) court.
  • Red low compression ball used. 75% slower than a normal ball.
  • 21″ and 23″ racquets used.
  • Please Call 0488 428 808 or E-mail –  for more information and bookings.