Orange Ball

Orange Ball

Coaching for Kids 7-10 years old.

The Orange Ball program is where we start to examine every stroke as it applies to learning good tennis technique.

Each session combines coaching and games to challenge the players. DC Tennis coaches are strong advocates for enjoying the game and having fun while we learn and perfect our tennis..

Players will learn consistency, hitting to different targets and are introduced to playing with a variety of spin.

As the players progress to the INTERMEDIATE and PRO levels they will incorporate serve, rally and scoring together in various point play games with a strong emphasis on guiding the player towards competition if they desire.

  • 45 Minute lessons.
  • Maximum 6 students per group.
  • Play utilising 3/4 (three quarter) court.
  • Orange low compression ball used. 50% slower than a normal ball.
  • 23″ and 25″ racquets used.

Please Call 0488 428 808 or E-mail –  for more information and bookings.